I make things move and floom.



The first thing to know about me is that I really like gourds. I've got a tattoo of a gourd, I've got gourd earrings, I've got about six gourds of different sizes sitting on my shelves, actual gourds and resin gourds. My mission in life is to find the perfectly shaped gourd, which I will display in a nice cabinet. Of gourds.

I grew up in China and have been back in the UK for the last eight years, but everyone thinks I'm American - except when I order water.

I did Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art where I wanted to learn to make good art. Art school was like, what is good, what is art, and what is making? So I did the motion design short course at Escape Studios instead to escape the futility of post-postmodern art, and now I'm a motion designer at Futuredeluxe in London.

Say hi back at joey@joeyphinn.com if you'd like to chat.