Water is a precious commodity anywhere. In Mosca’s city, the entire economy revolves around the bartering, selling and buying of water and its higher forms. Chemicals, blood, spirits, gold, anything in liquid state that can be ingested – or, even better – injected. In a society where everyone is obsessed with altering their biological forms, different social cabals develop: the Illusionists, obsessed with trickery and deception, the Elementals, looking to become part of nature, and the most powerful of all: the Alchemists, a small select group that are the only ones capable of creating the instruments that transfuse the potions to our bloodstream.

Mosca has been chosen to become an Alchemist by the Founder of Liquid Culture™, but frankly, the only liquid she wants to create and ingest is juice. As she enters her twenties, she comes under tremendous pressure from all sides to fulfil her destiny. Her family is desperate to climb the social ranks with their daughter as figurehead; the Alchemists desire to use her as a pawn in the ongoing war with the Illusionists; the people in her everyday life, like her best friend Nadine, don’t understand why Mosca is wasting her talents – doesn’t she know she’s not young anymore and nobody wants to marry a do-fruiter?

Exasperated with everything and everyone, she sets out to the capital to find the Founder to give him a piece of her mind.

Can Mosca reject societal norms and spend her life peacefully juicing fruits?